Course Overview

Today, Wellness has been described by people as the absence of disease but it has been an outdated vision. According to the World Health Organization, Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social WELLBEING, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Therefore, Wellness is a balance of all of life’s dimensions for optimal vitality.

Wellness Inventory Program’s twelve (12) key dimensions includes breathing, sensing, eating, thinking, feeling, moving, playing and working, self-responsibility and love, finding meaning, communicating, intimacy, finding meaning, and transcending. Our behaviors in each of the dimensions can contribute to either success or stress in our current workplace situation.

With the Wellness Inventory, we evaluate old behaviors as a requisite in developing fresh ways of managing work-life integration, reducing stress, and building resilience towards optimal living and performance.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to –

  • Understand the Wellness key dimensions

  • Develop self-awareness and create commitments towards envisioned Wellness

  • Fortify individual and organizational awareness and support towards Wellness

Our Approach and Methodology

Actual practice and application of tools to problems identified by the Participants/Immediate Superior of the Participants

The Coaching and Mentoring workshop participants will be asked to identify and work with actual complex issues throughout the four (4) sessions. Participants are required to bring real workplace challenges they want to discuss in the workshop, and this program is built around an engaging simulation and incorporates many other creative and engaging instructional-design elements. Throughout the workshop, participants may draw on the experience of others as they work on personalized action plans, receive constructive feedback, and learn how to successfully introduce and lead change within their team and organization.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Introduction to Wellness

    • Learning and Protective Mode

    • Definition of Wellness

    • Key Principles of Wellness

    • Wellness Inventory

  • 2

    Wellness Energy System

    • Energy Dimension 1 – Breathing

    • Energy Dimension 2 – Sensing

    • Energy Dimension 3 – Eating

    • Check for Understanding

  • 3

    Preparation for Synchronous Class 1

    • Check for Understanding

    • Journalling Assignment: Self Check

  • 4

    Stress Management Enabled

    • Dimension 1 – Moving

    • Dimension 2 – Feeling

    • Dimension 3 – Thinking

    • Dimension 4 – Playing and Working

    • Check for Understanding

  • 5

    Preparation for Synchronous Class 2

    • Review of Stress Management Enabled Concepts

    • Journalling Assignment: Self Check

  • 6

    Stress Management Enabled (Continued)

    • Dimension 5 – Communicating

    • Dimension 6 – Intimacy

    • Dimension 7 – Finding Meaning

    • Dimension 8 – Transcending

    • Check for Understanding

  • 7

    Preparation for Final Synchronous Class

    • Kaizen Concept in Wellness

    • Baby Steps vs. Giant Steps

    • Declaration of Wellness Commitment and Actions

  • 8

    End of Course

    • Bonus Materials

    • For Your Further Development