Course Overview

Leading others through change is a key leadership capability as it enables organizations to accelerate change initiatives and involve the entire organization in identifying, implementing, and sustaining important change initiatives that will ensure the organization’s long-term success. All leaders need the skills to personally assimilate change, provide predictability, and help others understand the reasons, advantages, and inherent risks of change so they are fully engaged in the delivery of change initiatives.

Course Objectives

The Leading Change workshop gives managers the skills and tools they need to be change leaders in their organizations, work groups, and teams. Participants in the workshop will learn how to –

  • Understand the internal and external forces of change and a leader’s role in helping others through it.

  • Recognize patterns of human behavior and the reactions of others when change occurs.

  • Identify important changes that need to be made and release the creative energy of others and focus change efforts on the things that will positively shape the organization’s future.

  • Guide and coach people who are resistant to change.

  • Clearly and completely communicate the reasons, need, and plans for change.

  • Create an environment where people are receptive to change and resilient when change occurs.

Our Approach and Methodology

Actual practice and application of tools to problems identified by the Participants/Immediate Superior of the Participants

The Coaching and Mentoring workshop participants will be asked to identify and work with actual complex issues throughout the four (4) sessions. Participants are required to bring real workplace challenges they want to discuss in the workshop, and this program is built around an engaging simulation and incorporates many other creative and engaging instructional-design elements. Throughout the workshop, participants may draw on the experience of others as they work on personalized action plans, receive constructive feedback, and learn how to successfully introduce and lead change within their team and organization.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Introduction to Change Management

    • Change Management Defined

    • Technical versus Adaptive Challenges

    • The 4Cs of Change

    • The Change Management Framework

    • The Role of Leaders in Change Management

  • 2

    Committing to Change

    • Roles in Change Management

    • Guiding Principles for Implementing Change

    • Interventions for Committing to Change

    • Check for Understanding

  • 3

    Preparation for Synchronous Class 1

    • Developing a Change Plan

    • The Change Management Plan Template

  • 4

    Capacitating for Change

    • Behavioral Structural Technology

    • Competency Needs of Key Players

    • Interventions for Capacitating for Change

    • Communicating Change

  • 5

    Preparation for Synchronous Class 2

    • Application to the Workplace

    • Enabling and Empowering

  • 6

    Contributing and Collaborating for Change

    • Facilitating Effective Meetings

    • Ensuring Engagement

    • The SIMPLE Model for Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • 7

    Celebrating and Continuing Change

    • Re-Entry Action Planning

    • Sustainability Action Plan

    • Synthesis and Closure

  • 8

    End of Course

    • Bonus Materials

    • For Your Further Development